3 Signs Are The Luckiest In The Zodiac

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Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini. Bennet credits the air sign's "silver tongue" for their luck. 

They "charm their way into the hearts of everyone around them.


Fiery Since they think they're lucky, Leos are. Leos are born thinking they're "masters of the universe" and expect good fortune.

They take every chance because of their confidence. The lion's success lies in taking risks and never doubting their success.

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Due to Jupiter, Sagittarius can say they were born lucky.

Sagittarius is the luckiest sign since Jupiter is the sign of luck and expansion.

Being both a fire and a mutable sign, they have the drive but also the capacity to move with the flow, making them open to every possibility.

Sags "use their fire to supercharge their luck, bringing good fortune into all facets of their existence."

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