3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week

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Aries, calm down this week. Mars, your celestial ruler, contends with subconscious Neptune for the third time.

Generating friction between your 12th house of secrets and unconscious patterns.

The cosmos is asking you to be honest about your future if you ever identified with a title, identity, or value system.


Even when you're accumulating knowledge, you may not understand the overall picture.

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Venus squares Pluto in March, which may force you to accept a partnership professionally.

Keep in mind that both planets will be transiting into the final degree of their projected signs, so 2008 themes may also be revisited.


Your daily routine may be influenced by outmoded beliefs or impulsivity.


For reference, consider back to October and November, particularly about health habit information or workplace expansion opportunities.

Mars will square off with Neptune for the third and last time in your relationship sector.

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