Bath & Body Works Zodiac Scent

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Visiting Bath & Body Works, whether for a new smell or the holidays, is a sensory experience. The abundance of vividly colored lotions and pungent scents might be overpowering. 

Ryan's Astrology creator Ryan Marquardt feels the traditional scent suits Aries energy. "The flowers are beautiful and smell unique."

Aries: Japanese Cherry Blossom

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Tauruses take their time and appreciate nature and the finer things in life. As spring signs, they love spring scents. Hi, flowery!

Taurus: Hi Lovely

Geminis are fun-loving and unconventional. The sweet and fruity Butterfly scent matches the zodiac's gregarious butterflies. 

Gemini: Butterfly

 "They love some sweet scents," says Best of Psychic Reader founder and astrologer Emily Newman. Cancers are passionate and sensitive.

Cancer: Berry Waffle Cone

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Leos' sun sign makes them self-centered. They thrive on attention, and it doesn't matter whether you provide it to them.

Leo: Fable

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Earth signs value stability. Intellectual Virgos hate change and prefer being correct.

Virgo: Eucalyptus Spearmint

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