Best Cat Owner Zodiac Sign

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"Are you a cat person or a dog person?" is a popular icebreaker for a reason. Cat people are quiet, introverted, and like their own space,

Libras love beautiful, durable things, so their cats have the best beds, collars, scratching posts, and other feline accessories.


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Cancer is a homebody. What better individual to lavish a cat with consistent love and care than a born nurturer?


Saturn, like Capricorn, rules cats. Thus, they deeply comprehend each other.


Dog people are used to being greeted enthusiastically and licked all the time,"


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Cats and Scorpios both require solitude and independence on an intense level, and if you cross into this space without permission,


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Tauruses' routine-orientedness makes them good cat owners. Taurus owners feed, play, and touch their cats every day at the same time. 


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