Best Dog Owner Zodiac Sign

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You may believe a good dog owner merely loves animals. While this affinity toward non-humans can help them be good pet parents, 

he sole purpose of an Aquarian is to rescue everyone in the world," says famous psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman


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you might see them with an energetic Golden Retriever or bouncy Springer Spaniel."


Geminis are even likely to have multiple pets and consider them part of their social circle


Pisces is the sign "most likely to adopt a homeless dog," according to Barretta.


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Tauruses are homebodies and will pamper their pets. "Kids, pets, and [partners] can be as natural as they like,"


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The zodiac's nurturer tops this list, as expected. "This sign likes having a full home, a bustling kitchen, and hugs and kisses at any time. 


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