Best Luck Colors

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Astrology favors certain signs. If you're unlucky, don't worry. Colors are one of the simplest methods to change your luck. An astrologer will tell you the optimum colors to attract love

Red enhances Aries' innate leadership skills. Purple brings out Sagittarians' daring and eccentric sides.

Your zodiac power color is great for everyday luck.

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Green and gold attract money.

Wear green or gold or paint your workplace walls to attract prosperity and money.

Pink and red are the most romantic hues. Red symbolizes passion, bravery, vitality, and warmth. Pink is lively and gentler.

Red and pink are the luckiest love colors.

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Yellow and orange are ideal for friendship luck.

Adult friendships are hard to make, but if you're trying out a new yoga studio or pottery class, wear yellow or orange.

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Red symbolizes strength, passion, and warmth. Red boosts self-confidence and projects it to others.

Red and purple are the luckiest colors.

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