Biggest Drama Queen Zodiac Signs

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Aries get involved in others' turmoil. It "enjoys other people's turmoil the greatest.


Cancers have hard shells and soft exteriors and can carry grudges, which might cause a scene.


Scorpions are passionate and aggressive," Newman explains. "Their strong attitude can sometimes produce drama.


Gemini's duality can cause internal and external conflict. This mutable air sign feeds on excitement.

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Gemini" avoids unnecessary drama and is easily bored." Boredom can cause them to spice up others' life for their own pleasure.


This calm water sign can deceive. "Lovely and innocent," Pisces "embrace drama and enjoy being the centre of attention.

If you need someone to cry on, this sign's emotionality might be a good thing.


Leo is the most dramatic sign. Newman claims they enjoy gossip and drama. Leo wants power and fame.

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