Bills quarterback Josh Allen must "adapt and change" his play style: "Get down, slide, and live to fight another down."

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As he approaches his sixth NFL season, 27-year-old Josh Allen admits he'll likely have to tone down his hard-charging playstyle.

Time slows evVeryone.

"It sounds crazy, but I'm getting older," Allen told USA Today's Lorenzo Reyes on Tuesday. "I'm done. I can use my youth, but I'll have to adapt and develop throughout my career."

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Jim Kelly, Bills Hall of Famer, thinks Josh Allen needs RB help: "Josh can't do everything alone."

Allen, a top quarterback, scrambles and rumbles. Allen has averaged 421 yards and 102 carries each season since his freshman year, when he ran the ball 89 times in 12 games

Despite his rough-and-tumble approach, Allen understands his body can only take so much abuse as he matures and seasons and hits add up.

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Thus, Allen feels he must prioritize quarterbacking above offensive threat.

"I've always had the mindset of, I've been a football player first and a quarterback second," Allen said. That will change. I don't know when. I'll follow my body."

Allen has shown year after year that he's one of the NFL's most dangerous threats on the ground or in the air.

Allen, who had an elbow injury last season, is aware that he'll soon need to play smarter rather than harder. Maybe this season.

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"There were sometimes last year when I'm in the open field, I don't need an extra two yards," Allen said. "Slide down and live to fight another."

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