Cat Breeds That Never Grow

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Cornish Rex

The downy coat of this cat curls. However, their thin coats make them look like other "naked" cats.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex, like the Cornish Rex, is a graceful, wavy-furred cat. They have larger head, narrower chest, and shorter legs.


The Sphynx, the most famous cat breed, is hairless but can grow little patches of fine, short hair.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds also have forward-folding ears. These cats look cartoonish with their wide eyes and fluffy faces.

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Egyptian Mau

This is a 3,000-year-old cat breed. Egyptian Maus have wedge-shaped heads and muscular, slender bodies. 


The Siamese has a delicate, long-tailed body. They are loud and have pointy markings.


The Burmese looks like a Siamese but is stronger. Burmese cats are 10–12 inches and 6–14 pounds.


The Munchkin is a normal cat with tiny legs. They reach 5–7 inches and 6–9 pounds.

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