Clingiest Zodiac Sign 

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Some folks won't leave. Clingy people constantly hold hands, text, or display love. An ex who won't let go or a family member who's constantly around may not require care. 

life is a big social circle for them, and connecting with others is at the heart of their inner desires.


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They are incredibly devoted, so anticipate plenty of attention once they see you.


hey'll love bomb if they desire a relationship. Virgos are wonderful listeners, so if you're overwhelmed, they'll back off.


"Sometimes, that imposition can pertain to important stuff, but in most cases, they just want you to play with them,


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Alta thinks Taureans struggle to accept newcomers. However, they may become too attached and "suffocate them with love."


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t's "difficult for them to throw something out of their home or part ways with an ex


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