Outdoorsiest Zodiac Sign

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Some like nature. They love nature. They're outdoors as often as possible, hiking or lounging at the beach. They prefer camping to hotels and being outdoors than watching TV. 


Aquarians are keen thinkers and problem-solvers. They adore coming up with new ideas and experiencing life. They like nature and find calm outdoors.

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Aries are restless and love new challenges.  they're adventure-loving competitors who'll win outdoor sports.


Cancers plan family beach or lake vacations. Loftis believes their personalities flourish in water.


Earth sign Virgo is deeply connected to the world. Virgos are planners, so they'll make sure everyone has everything they need for an outdoor journey. 

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Taurus is the hippy flower child type of outdoorsy person who wants to stroll through the meadow making a crown of daisies,

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They have a natural wanderlust and a thirst for adventure that leads them to seek out new experiences

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