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Whether you study astrology or just read your horoscope, you know that the zodiac signs' finest features have strengths and flaws.

Aries: Courage

Aries, the first zodiac sign, is always ready to take on a challenge. You don't let life's disappointments get you down—there's always a new peak to climb!

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Taurus: Stable

Bulls are realistic, responsible, and grounded. This reliability lets your friends count on you in stressful times. 

Gemini: Outgoing

The zodiac twins' refreshing dualism attracts people like magnets. Geminis are curious, adaptable, and sensitive. 

Cancer: Loyal

Cancers are devoted, passionate, and caring. Your family feels at home with you, the zodiac's homebody.

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Leo: Confidence

Leo is gregarious, dramatic, and confident! You are determined to achieve your goals.

Virgo: Perfectionism

Call anybody for help. But Virgos do it right. Methodical, meticulous and detail-oriented to a fault, 

Libra: Balance

Your zodiac sign's calling card emphasizes harmony and peace for good reason. 

Scorpio: Passionate 

As a fire sign, your curiosity will lead you far. When there's a whole world to explore, your nonconformist personality doesn't settle down. 

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Aquarius: Philosophical

Don’t let the ‘aqua’ in its moniker fool you. This airy sign is not one to get tied down with arbitrary ideals.

Pisces: RomanticAquarius: Philosophical

Yes, Pisces tends to see the world through rose-coloured glasses but your hopelessly romantic soul is grounded in a deep sense of intuition,

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