Bills safety Damar Hamlin hopes to "comeback" to NFL.

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Hamlin returned after the Bills cleared the safety for football.

NFL returnee Damar Hamlin.

"I'm here to announce that I plan on making a comeback to the NFL," he told reporters Tuesday.

The 25-year-old said he recognizes it's a process to recover from the heart attack he experienced during a game Jan. 2, which placed him in critical care for several days

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"I've been beating statistics my whole life, so I like my chances here," he said of returning to football.

After colliding with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, Hamlin underwent field CPR. Hamlin was taken by EMS to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in serious condition. 

According to the American Heart Association, commotio cordis is a rare kind of cardiac arrest caused by a hit to the chest at the incorrect moment.

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"The diagnosis of pretty much what happened to me was basically commotio cordis " He stated. "It's a direct strike at a certain pulse point that induces cardiac arrest, and five-to-seven seconds later

Commotio cordis kills most child athletes in all sports. I'll fix it myself. Additionally, CPR and AED knowledge has reduced that number.

Hamlin is promoting CPR training and AEDs for youth sports via his organization. Last month, the NFL established a partnership to reduce high school student fatal cardiac arrests.

"I'm still invested. "My heart is in the game," he remarked. I like playing. It's for me. To illustrate that fear is a choice. You can keep going without knowing the solutions or the endgame. 

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Hamlin said he's appreciative for every day since the unique accident and thinks he has more to contribute.

"To have a family, people who love and care about me, and for them to still have me in their lives." I nearly died. I died on TV. I see it from all angles. It's a two-way street. 

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