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Your favorite cake is the perfect sugar fix. Weddings, birthdays, retirements, and more are made better with a beautiful cake. 

Aries: Cookie Cake

Aries are fiery and passionate, yet few see your sweet side. You appreciate trying new things and surprising others. 

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Taurus is a picky eater with perfect taste and culinary skills. However, being the zodiac's most stable sign, you need a cake that can withstand everything.

Taurus: Poundcake

Gemini: Devil's Food Cake

This list probably appeals to you since Geminis are open-minded and versatile. Since you become bored easily, you require an intriguing flavor.

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Cancers have predictable tastes. The lovely and emotional zodiac sign, you adore old-fashioned favorites that make you feel warm and connect you to your inner child.

Cancer: Ice Cream Cake

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Strawberry Shortcake.

Leo's life is a celebration, so anticipate an extravagant cake selection. Lions are extroverts yet sensitive within.

Virgo: Marble Cake

As a control freak, you need a cake that exceeds expectations.

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