EU asks Musk to save French rocket

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an ad-hoc security agreement" with the U.S. for its rocket industry to "exceptionally launch Galileo satellites."

The Commission believes that SpaceX's Falcon 9 heavy launcher and United Launch Alliance's Vulcan system can launch the EU's 700-kilogram Galileo satellites.

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Paris firmly supports the EU's efforts to become less reliant on other areas for key infrastructure, services, and technology

Ariane 6, its successor, is planned to launch this year and begin commercial use next year.

Russian-built Soyuz rockets, utilized at the French Guiana facility, may have launched Galileo satellites instead of the Ariane series. 

Galileo satellites provide accurate navigation and timing data to Earth and offer a top-secret encrypted service for government entities. 

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According to the idea, EU members must accept discussions for an agreement under existing classified information sharing arrangements.

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Analyses are... ongoing to ascertain whether or not launching with an alternative launch service provider would be feasible

ULA's Vulcan rocket won't launch until May, unlike SpaceX's Falcon rocket

The European Space Agency, situated near Paris, manages Galileo and administers the French Guiana spaceport.

French attempts to create strategic autonomy for Europe have relied on the ability to launch satellites and personnel autonomously.

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