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Fickle Minded Zodiac Signs

You'll understand once you've met one. Sags are hard to read. Their desires may be unclear.


They could like or dislike anything in a moment. This makes understanding and meeting their needs harder. 

They may prioritise you but desert you. If you doubt a Sag's loyalty, don't trust them.

Usually a daydreamer, Pisces is confusing. They may love you one minute and then say they're hesitant or need more time the next.


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They are not unfaithful, but they fear relationships and never commit to one emotion or person.

They seek improvement. Hence, Pisces joins the fickle zodiac signs.

Changeable Virgos ignore their feelings. They don't like spontaneous actions or words.


As long as they're not fickle, their loved ones don't mind.

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