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What makes certain individuals "it"? Pleasant individuals are usually popular, whether they're coworkers who get along with everyone or family members who make every holiday special.


Peaceful Dumpling astrologer Victoria Thomas calls Scorpio "the deepest, emotionally speaking.

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Cancers are nurturers, so they're really kind, particularly if you're in trouble and need a loyal friend or family member.



Love is knowing a Gemini. "These social butterflies can adjust to any situation and find similarities with anyone,

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This emotional water sign wants to help, so they'll be there. Thomas calls Pisces "tender" and "sweetly devoted," qualities of a loyal companion. They also don't retain grudges.


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Want fun guaranteed? Sagittarius is adventurous. They'll hang-glide with you or get beverages last minute.


Leos are well-liked. Their vitality attracts others. "Leo is quick to buy the next round of cocktails and is the first one in the pool [or] on the dancefloor,

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