Friendliest Zodiac Sign

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Today, we're discussing the former and how astrology may explain their compassion. 


When they hug and rub your back, they don't think they're being affectionate," explains famous psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. 

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Scorpio is often maligned. It may be envious, secretive, and manipulative.



Venus, its governing planet, shows this sign's love of affection. "Named for the goddess of love and beauty, Venus lends Taurus a strong romantic streak

n romance, Leo loves to wow their partner with over-the-top gestures and shows affection through physical intimacy,"


“Discovering the Spiritual Significance of 1010 Angel Number: A Comprehensive Guide”


ancers love emotionally and physically. "Cancers are known as the'mom friend' because of how affectionate they tend to be

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Pisces' associated element is water, and like water, Pisces has problems defining boundaries

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