Funnest Zodiac Sign

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If you've ever wondered why your buddy is the life of the party or why your uncle makes everyone laugh at dinner, check their indications.

Aquarius embodies very free-flowing energy, and whoever gets to witness it can't help but be drawn in.


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 Aries are "known for their goofy, light-hearted nature" and can lighten unpleasant circumstances


Scorpios are obsessive about everything, although this may be wonderful for partying.


Leos, the zodiac's party animals, are always seeking attention. Kirsten says Leos are extroverted and willing to try new things. 


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Sagittarians "find the escape route to the next thing or make it into a big game," according to Purpose Vibes astrologer Ansley Echols. 


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These flirty socialites love to party. "Quirky and filled with childlike curiosity, Gemini thrives on having fun in all social settings,"


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