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Everyone isn't mature. Some struggle to grow up, while others don't want to. Outbursts or pranks may cause relationship issues. 

Look out! Determined Aries gets what they desire. They'll rage if they don't. Trusted Astrology astrologer and author Maria Hayes describes


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Wild Sagittarius conduct may lead to immaturity, unpredictability, and procrastination


Cancers have a tough exterior but a soft heart, making it hard for them to open up. Cancers are known for holding grudges


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Geminis may be childish and silly. Loftis says they "swing wildly from mature adult to impudent child.


Leos are turbulent and adore drama. Leos "encourage trouble by fanning the flames,


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Hayes says "nobody wants to mess with Taurus." Like a toddler, this sign is obstinate and won't do what they don't want. 


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