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You undoubtedly know someone who would give you their clothes or a loan without hesitation. They'll rush over to provide a shoulder.

Libras are fair, outgoing, and sociable. Their generosity is remarkable. "Libra will make time not just for her loved ones but also for people in need


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Jupiter rules this sign, which has plenty to offer. According to Venus in Retrograde astrologer Clarisse Monahan,

Leo is charitable despite being the zodiac's showman. Thomas says this sign wants everyone, particularly their loved ones, to feel well.


“Discovering the Spiritual Significance of 1010 Angel Number: A Comprehensive Guide”

Your Cancer buddy is presumably the group's "mom"—and mothers are giving.



 Saggies contribute with enthusiasm since Jupiter provides them enormous vitality. 

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Castiglione believes Virgo oversees the Sixth House—the House of Health—which regulates service, everyday routines, and health. 

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