Gloomiest Zodiac Sign 

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Some folks are moodier than others. Maybe they're cranky when exhausted, or nothing makes them grin. You've probably adjusted to these difficult people. 

Virgos, who have high aspirations, are "prone to feeling dissatisfied or disappointed with how things are," according to astrological blogger Jetta.


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 They have tough shells and are cranky like their symbol. "They tend to clam up and withdraw from others" when unhappy, adds Jetta. 


This water sign, like Cancer, may have "sullen moods." She says Pisces alternate between socializing and withdrawing when sad. 


"grumpy when people around them are not putting forth as much effort as they are." Working with a Capricorn makes this harder.


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has strong feelings about all kinds of things and they are often disappointed when people don't live up to their high ideals


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Scorpios, particularly when alone, are "known for sometimes slipping into a brooding and introspective state," according to Jetta. 


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