Money-Marriage Zodiac Sign

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Astrology may explain why your partner waits for you to bring out your money or why the person you went on a date with kept talking about wanting a luxury bag. 


You know Tauruses enjoy luxury and grandeur. Laziness makes them desire to utilize others to achieve their aims. 

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Scorpios are sensuous and constantly seeking love. Scorpions are ambitious, striving to improve themselves. 


Leo Jennifer Lopez, who has been married three times and dated many wealthy men, is engaged.


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Pisces aim to mirror others' energies. Evans calls Pisces "introverts who eschew crowds and prefer to socialize in their own privileged pool


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Libras believe they deserve the finest things regardless of their financial situation. 


Gluttonous Sagittarians appreciate luxury. This opportunistic sign wants the best, whether it's a private aircraft to Cannes or Fashion Week front row seats.

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