How Your Rising Sign Affects Love

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Most people know their zodiac sign, but your rising sign may reveal your romantic behavior and compatibility.

Aries Rising

Aries Risings want to lead and control while dating. "Aries' flirting style is bold, brash, and straight to the point," 

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Taurus risings are generous partners. They love getting to know someone carefully before diving in.

Taurus Rising

Gemini Rising

They want a long-term partner who can challenge them intellectually, keep up with their shifting interests, and relax.

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Cancer risings date cautiously to preserve their hearts. They're devoted and affectionate when they discover someone who understands their emotional demands.

Cancer Rising

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Leo Arise

Leo rising's flirting style is charming, fun, and dramatic," adds O'Neill. They prefer dating someone they can't quite figure out and taking the lead.

Virgo Rising

Virgo risings "seek out a partner who is more fluid and easygoing," says O'Neill, since they may be strict. 

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