How Zodiac Signs Argue

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Arguments arise in personal, professional, and romantic relationships. Even the healthiest couples have conflicts. However, your approach to conflict may differ greatly from others.

Aries love competition, and you'll do everything to win. An enraged Aries won't back down.


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Taurus are known for their stubbornness. When Taurus fights, you stick to the facts. You want your way more than a solution.


During a fight, your variable nature lets you think fast. One thing is certain—you don't hold grudges


Cancers nourish the zodiac. You avoid controversy and don't like arguing. Cancers, controlled by the Moon, are brutal in disagreements. 


 Leos argue loudly and passionately. You're dramatic, but you'll apologize if you're wrong.


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Virgo, you're meticulous. Unless it's personal or logical, you avoid conflict. You're passive-aggressive because Virgos hate fighting


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Venus, the planet of love and peace, rules your initial inclination to avoid conflict. You like to negotiate a compromise and deescalate a stressful situation.


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