Laziest Zodiac Sign 

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Some days are hard to get up. You'd rather rest and avoid errands and to-do lists than work. Slow-starting days are common, but some individuals live them. 

Astrologer and blogger Victoria Thomas says Aquarius "a classic underachiever with unrealized potential."


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Pisces artists and designers are very inventive. They're driven, yet they procrastinate and don't enjoy hard labor. 


 "Sagittarius values their independence, especially in travel and leisure pursuits, [so they] prefer to live on their terms," 


Thomas states "breezy" Libras "like everything to be pleasant and easy." She says they'll hide their debts because they're anxious.


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Tauruses will work hard to clean and organize. Though responsible, they enjoy Netflix binge-watching. 


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"Leo may appreciate the spotlight, but not the effort required to get there,"


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