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We love and detest some celebs. It's intriguing to wonder why certain celebrities make us swoon and others make us grimace, even though most of us will never meet them.

Aries, your passion and determination help you succeed in life. Mars, the warrior planet, makes you forthright and competitive. 

Aries: LeBron James (Capricorn).

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Thus, you don't get along with people like Ellen DeGeneres who try to change the status quo and live in the clouds.

Taurus: Ellen DeGeneres (Aquarius).

corpios are loyal like Geminis, but they're aloof and hard to interpret. Drake and other Scorpio celebrities who lie will upset Geminis and make them feel disregarded.

Drake (Scorpio): Gemini

Cancer is sensitive and courageous. Your emotional core, the moon, rules your sign, therefore you need extensive breaks between aims.

Cancer: Lady Gaga (Aries).

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Leos are happy, confident, and sun-ruled. You live life to the fullest. You may be fussy about pals and even their celebrity loves.

Leo: Jon Hamm (Pisces).

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 Libras like Kim Kardashian often change plans, which stresses you out. Kardashian is good for lunch but not a close friend.

Virgo: Kim Kardashian (Libra).

Cancer's dedication to long-term connections and leadership inspires you. You trust each other, yet your social circles are distinct.

Libra: Chris Pratt (Cancer)

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