Love Behavior by Zodiac Sign

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Everyone expresses love differently, whether you believe in love at first sight or a slow-burning affair. Astrology may reveal a person's captivated behavior.

Aries, you're a go-getter who doesn't slow down for anything—including love. You demand the finest. When you're in love, time flies.


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Your love language is touch, therefore new relationships will heat up quickly. You'll be unable to resist touching your love.


You know you're in trouble when you buy two tickets for that trip or performance because you can't fathom doing anything wonderful without that particular someone.


 When you are emotionally exposed with someone, your armor melts away quickly. 


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You'll be able to open yourself to your spouse when you discover someone worthy of sharing the spotlight. 


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You'll only date individuals whose opinions you respect. You're in love when you can't decide without consulting your spouse.


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