Lovesickest Zodiac Sign

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That heart-eyed emoji? You may perhaps know someone who always has hearts in their eyes. Romantic and wanting love, people sometimes go too far. 


Venus rules Taurus. They desire companionship and are loyal (sometimes too much).

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Leo loves themselves and others equally, particularly if they tickle their ego. Fire signs desire to be infatuated, but they frequently get infatuated themselves.



Cancers feel deeply and act quickly. You'll quickly know whether they like you, and they'll do everything to keep you.

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They believe a love relationship may help them achieve life balance. Loftis warns Libras not to make self-sacrifice part of their love pattern. 


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Pisces fall hard and quickly. They dream of a happy ending. They're the most love-struck zodiac sign, sometimes going too far to find love.

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