Lying Zodiac Sign

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Detecting deception may be difficult. You may be charmed, kind, or unaware. We know it's hard to think someone you just met, much alone a loved one, is lying.

Taurus is ruled by the second house of values, meaning their morals are incredibly important to them,


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Their watering influence gives them the ability to tell people exactly what they want to hear,


Their motherly intuition can get weaponized in a friendly war of words." Cancers may lie or lash out when confronted.


Once they've decided to lie they will put all of their energy into bringing their version of the truth to life.


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Virgos' attention to detail and quick thinking set them apart," she adds. Virgos are equally proficient at lying and calling others' bluffs.


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 Since Mercury rules communication and intellect, Geminis "are blessed with the gift of gab." Meaning? Smooth talkers.


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