Materialistic Sign

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Madonna's "Material Girl" is a classic. The lines resonate with some. Some individuals value material possessions, particularly those that demonstrate their status

Pisces are sensitive free spirits, not money-oriented. When they feel too emotional, they shop to brighten up. 


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"Ruled by hardworking and driven Saturn, Capricorns understand the value of their efforts


As a whimsical air sign, and mutable at that, Gemini has a streak of spontaneity unmatched by most,"


"Aries often view material goods as a way to set themselves apart from the rest


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To impress friends, Leos wear costly clothes. This prideful fire sign spends extravagantly to have the finest and doesn't mind telling you how much.


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Tauruses love luxury. "As a grounded and stubborn Earth sign, Taurus thrives when surrounded by their creature comforts," 


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