Meanest Zodiac Sign

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Douchebags exist. They speak and do hurtful things without thinking. Though not malevolent, it frequently seems that way. Being mocked or excluded hurts.


Aquarius may seem cruel because they make rational conclusions. They're chilly because they don't sympathize. 

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They are overprotective of themselves and others. If they feel threatened, they'll strike out since they don't appreciate criticism.


If they lose control, they become cruel. Being in command is crucial, and when things go wrong, they cascade.


Marquardt informs Best Life that Saturn, their governing planet, is a gloomy planet.

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Aries is blunt and won't spare your emotions. They force control because they don't know how to let go.

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Water signs are envious easily and will lash out if you have what they desire. They are attentive and can identify your triggers. 

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