Mental health is not protected by Florida's abortion law.

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Tallahassee, Fla. Baileigh Johnson was frightened for her life after discovering she was pregnant. Anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide thoughts plagued her.

Johnson's grandmother, mother, and sister attempted suicide.

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Doctors advised her to start mental health treatment immediately. They also warned that her medication may be unsafe during pregnancy.

Mental healthcare is difficult for pregnant women.Due to a dearth of clinical evidence on psychotropic drugs during pregnancy,

Our health care system is not set up to detect these risk levels in women early enough in the pregnancy,

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Republicans and anti-abortion organizations claim abortions worsen mental health. At a recent committee hearing on the six-week ban,

Having a child is a big choice. Flynn advises taking mental conditions and pregnancy into account while making that choice.

Life has changed since her initial interview for this article. She's pregnant and works for Planned Parenthood.

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The six-week suspension won't start immediately. It's a trigger ban that activates if Florida's state Constitution's privacy protection no longer protects abortion.

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