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Money-Worst Zodiac Sign

Aries isn't bad with money. Ambitious fire signs make money quickly but mismanage it.


Lack of foresight causes it. "Aries doesn't think long-term," she says. "They hate preplanning.


Libra's spending habits are to blame. "Libra overspends on wonderful moments.


Creative, clever, and unconventional Aquarius. Bohemian lifestyles can cause financial issues.

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They work inconsistently, move jobs regularly, and take time between roles to have the freedom and choice they badly need.


Geminis have many interests and pursuits, so keeping track of them can be difficult.

Astrologers advise Geminis to avoid investing in cryptocurrency. "Their thinking is too rapid for any form of accumulation.


Impulsive Sagittarius is independent. It doesn't always guarantee wealth.

Sagittarius loves to accumulate feelings, experiences, and memories.


Pisces is the worst money sign. Woods believes Pisces dream about making money rather than making it.

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