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Most Adorable Small Dog Breeds


Brussels Griffon

These friendly, inquisitive little gentlemen often appear to be little displeased with the world, but I tell you that they are in fact absolutely gruntled.


A Chihuahua is the first canine that comes to mind when someone is asked to visualise a small dog.


The petite and spirited dachshund, easily identified by its long body and short legs, has long been a family favourite.


The Havanese is the only dog native to Cuba and has a stunning silky coat that can be left scruffy, groomed smooth, or even corded. 

Japanese Chin 

Despite the fact that Taureans appear to be insignificant and superficial due to their preoccupation with lavishness and fancy objects.

American Eskimo 

Hang on to your pants, because this dog continues growing prettier and cuter. 


Very smooth. Very soft. Very elegant! The Maltese is the type of dog that looks like she ought to be wealthy. 

Miniature Pinscher 

Contrary to popular belief, these small dogs are not miniature copies of Doberman pinschers; they are alert, intelligent, and great athletes.


The papillon is an exceptionally intelligent, long-living, and faithful household pet. 


Their fluffy coats! Their friendly disposition. If you desire a small dog, there is absolutely nothing negative to say regarding the unbelievably adorable Pom.

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