Most Ambitious Zodiac Sign

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Some folks are more ambitious. Some people have a feisty, go-getter mentality that resists complacency, whether that means being hyper-focused on reaching a specific job, 


Aquarius ambition is unique. They are autonomous yet focused on social progress

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Bold and willing to strike out alone in pursuit of their ambitions, they can be incredibly single-minded and hardworking when it is for something that they really want



n pursuit of pleasure, knowledge, or just bucket-list fun, they always have a long list of exotic locales to visit, courses to take, and fun to be had

Do not interfere with Scorpio's goals—they strive hard to achieve them. "They have the drive, will, and tenacity to go after their goals and desires," says Loftis


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Newman agrees. "They want immediate results, which are not always attainable," she says. Perfect—for a Virgo—is reasonable.

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Capricorn controls the 10th house, "the house of soul purpose, big-picture career choices, and authority figures,

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