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Most Emotional Zodiac Sign


These individuals are respectful and empathetic individuals who comprehend one another. 

People of this sign are capable of forming the most profound emotional bonds with anyone.

They would like to know how they would respond if they witnessed someone sobbing, and whether or not they would shed tears out of empathy.

As sensitive as a Pisces, those born under the sign of Cancer are dedicated, compassionate, and cautious.


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Their loved ones rely on them for emotional support and stability, and they prioritise addressing these needs.

While air signs are known to be thoughtful, Aquarius often seeks a companion with whom they can share their hobbies and interests.


These individuals are continuously looking for people with whom they can have meaningful conversations.

Aries is an expressive and energetic partner in a relationship. These individuals are fiery in their emotions. 


They are looking for someone who will not be surprised or enamoured by their candour.

Aries aims to form strong friendships with all individuals and approaches all relationships from the centre.

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