Most Gullible Zodiac Signs

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Because of their strong will and mentality, Aries may appear unlikely to reach this list. They're irresponsible, though.

Aries will buy an extended warranty or frivolous items because someone told them to.


Leo, the zodiac's fierce lion, likes ego strokes. Lee says that makes them gullible, especially if you flatter them.

This sign is dominated by the Sun, therefore they appreciate being the centre of attention.

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Leo gives, especially to complimenters. Shallowness can impair their judgement.” Leos should avoid giving to opportunists.


Pisces is the most gullible zodiac sign. Water signs create emotional decisions.

They quickly feel beholden to causes, even if they don't care. She believes Pisces will care for abandoned items.

Pisces is the sweetest and most open-hearted. Trusting people can be exploited.”

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