The Neediest Zodiac Sign,

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Feeling wanted sometimes is good, but always is tiresome. Maybe a buddy needs your opinion on every dating app message. Maybe your partner needs daily reinforcement that you're staying

Take small steps with a particularly needy Taurus during a change so they can adapt on their own.


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Scorpios are passionate and secretive, so you may think they're loners. When focused on someone, their tough exterior cracks.


Another self-sufficient sign is outgoing Leo. The exhilaration of being the focus of attention turns into neediness.


Pisces is one of the most romantic zodiac signs, thus they're constantly looking for their own fairytale.


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Libras also hate being alone. Libras fear 'alone time'. "They would rather tolerate a mediocre relationship than be alone,


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Cancer, like Taurus, seeks comfort and security. As the zodiac's caregivers, they want companionship.


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