Most Irrational Zodiac Sign

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Some seem in control, while others easily fall into emotional distress. These people are impulsive, emotional, and fixated on small things. 

Geminis consider themselves free-spirited. They never stay with one person because they're always trying new things and moving on to the next best thing.


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Scorpios are irrational despite being fixed. Rachel Clare, a Mystic Sense astrologer, tells Best Life that their passion and depth of feeling often cause them to lash out or hold grudges.


Pisces are compassionate and sweet—if you go along with their perspective of things. 


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Leos are full of fiery passion which can be a joy to be around but also make them quite irrational from time to time.


Capricorns are natural-born leaders and one of their finest attributes is their sense of duty. 


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It may come as a surprise that a grounded earth sign like Virgo, who looks to be put together and steady all the time, may be illogical


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