Most Jealous Signs in the Zodiac

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Scorpios want power and passion, so if someone is better, they feel threatened.

Scorpio will feel like their relationship is shallow if their spouse has wandering eyes.


Cancer considers themselves the best partner and friend. They're devoted to loved ones.

Cancer takes it personally when you seek love and support elsewhere.

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Fire signs need constant attention. Leo loves being the centre of attention in love, friendship, and work.

The green-eyed monster will appear if someone steals their thunder. They're jealous!


Earth signs strive to achieve their best. Virgos are jealous of others who have qualities or accomplishments they want.


Tauruses are possessive and resentful if their partners date others.

Taurus will envy anyone who has what they want—a wonderful kitchen, a hot tub, satin linens, etc.


Aries is fiery and impulsive, therefore their envy can flare in a matter of seconds.

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