Most Neurotic Zodiac Sign

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Do you obsess about previous blunders and conversations? Maybe you can't shake negative ideas. You may be neurotic. Neuroticism impacts how individuals react to stress, but it's not all bad.

Cancers, the zodiac's nurturers, feel everything. Cancers, ruled by the Moon, naturally sense others' emotions and are prone to mood swings. 


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Capricorns are known for their high standards, refined taste, and inclination to worry

Scorpios have high expectations, therefore it takes something exceptional to grab and retain their attention. Beware of their aloofness


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Information and communication are ruled by Gemini. Mercury rules these social air signs, who overthink everything. 

Virgo is meticulous. Virgo is realistic and earthy. Mercury gives them an insatiable desire to learn and develop. 


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Pisces is compassionate and calm, but don't be fooled. Pisces, the most neurotic sign, overthinks.

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