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Some folks have a bright flashing sign on their forehead that screams "look at me." Their enthusiasm permeates the room whether they're laughing or discussing current issues. 

Scorpios radiate energy. "Their aura is powerful and does most of the talking," MacLean adds. Their expressions speak louder than their words.


Aquarius values originality. They love being different and following their own path.


Marquardt thinks Geminis have enormous personalities since they're the zodiac's chameleons. They always impress.


Aries is the "Big Bang incarnate," according to Maclean. They come out firing. They're invincible and self-aware.


Not one to be tamed, they love to galavant around the globe and bring the party everywhere they go," MacLean adds.


Leos have the largest personalities because they adore drama and putting on a show. They want attention and will kill you if you try to grab it


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