Most Shopaholic Zodiac Sign

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Everybody sins. Some of us spend hours on social media while others eat and drink. Retail therapy is a notorious vice. 


agittarius may spend a lot at the airport or souvenir store but not on cosmetics, luggage, or shoes.

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Similar to Sagittarius, curious Gemini might become a shopaholic. "Each is attracted to the new and shiny," 



The sign misses professional chances and is underpaid. If they don't restrict their purchasing, overspending might ruin their money.

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Libra seeks partner adoration, but everyone can appreciate their elegance and grace."



Woods says the sign collects valuable paintings, gems, antiques, and unusual objects. Scorpio's high salary can easily pay these costs.

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Leo loves shopping at expensive department shops to fill their closets with wonderful goods. Can Leos manage? If budgeted.

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