Most To Least Magical Zodiac Sign

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Scorpios are adept at manipulating energy, which enables them to create potent spells and sigils.

They possess a highly developed sense of intuition and are exceptional truth-finders.


Pisces can work miracles when interacting with Otherworldly spells. They can successfully manipulate Dreams to enhance intuition and/or divination.

Their power is illusion, and they can produce potent illusions for healing and empowerment.

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Cancers are ideally suited to cast spells for affection and friendship due to the dominance of the element of water over emotions and love.

Security is crucial for activating their abilities. To unleash their mystical abilities, Cancers must feel safe.


Aquarius excels at casting spells that liberate and sever ties of all kinds.

Their desire for independence will give them the strength to break negative spells, curses, and addictions.

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