Most Type-A Zodiac Sign 

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Everyone has a Type A buddy. They're ambitious, competitive, and impatient. You may identify such traits in yourself. 

This zodiac sign's employees are trustworthy and hardworking. Another Type A trait? Astrology.


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Type A Gemini gets things done quickly—not necessarily perfectly—but more so to get a task out of the way and move on to the next thing on their list


Leos adore attention. The spotlight frequently takes determination and hard effort. Barretta claims they are natural leaders since the sun rules them. 


Aries is the sign of 'I,' so they are super independent, which can also make them self-serving and competitive as they strive to be the best."


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They are the editors and curators, always knowing what can be fixed, tweaked, and fine-tuned in order to meet this standard."


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Capricorns are ambitious, responsible, persistent, and realistic. "Capricorn sets the standard for success and achievement," 


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