Most Vengeful Zodiac Sign

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Many of us choose forgiveness over retribution because holding a grudge is hard. For some, nothing beats revenge.

Cancer, a sensitive and emotional sign, may surprise you on this list. However, this sign craves retribution, especially against loved ones. 


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They have two personalities," Newman explains. "You'll think they're kind and nice, but they plan to tear you down.



Taurus, the bull-shaped earth sign, is reliable and hardworking. Newman says Taurus will react if insulted.

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Newman says Leos would do whatever to be the center of attention and don't mind getting filthy while obtaining revenge. 

This sign hates being mistreated. Newman calls Aries "uncompromising and aggressive," so if they feel personally assaulted,


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 Scorpios are strong and loyal. However, these desirable traits might lead to the urge to avenge wrongs.

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