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Your style reflects your personality, whether you favor neutral hues and basic fundamentals or vibrant colors and crazy standout items.

Aries: Visor

When you're busy yet want to appear well, a visor is ideal. While you're busy, you may still look good.

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Cloche hats enhance your appearance without detracting. Coco Chanel popularized cloches, which wrap snugly around the head and frame the face. 

Taurus: Hat

Gemini: Breton Hat

You're the zodiac's socialite and fashionista. You follow trends and take risks to try new things. You simply want to have fun and appear ridiculous.

Sun hats are classic and attractive. This floppy hat is excellent for vacationing or gardening.

Cancer: Sunhat

Leo: Rhinestone Cowboy Hat

Leos are fun-loving and extroverted. You're constantly the center of attention because you're funny and imaginative.

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Virgo Headband

A colorful headband keeps your hair out of your face as you work on your beautifully arranged to-do list. 

Libra: Beret

Romantic and versatile, a beret is perfect for you. It matches any clothing and season. 

Scorpio: Fedora

Your style reflects Scorpios' passion and intensity. You like experimentation over trends.

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Sagittarius: Hat

Rapper hats are ideal for zodiac adventurers. The fur-trimmed cap has ear flaps that may be pulled up in warm weather or buttoned at the chin in chilly weather. 

Capricorn: Hat

Baseball caps can't be incorrect. This comfy hat is perfect for running errands, working out, or cheering on your favorite team.

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