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Breakfast is the most essential meal, but lunch is often overlooked. This midday lunch break is a terrific opportunity to relax and indulge. 

Aries: Tacos

Your favorite dishes are like Aries—spicy and lively. You embrace new experiences as the zodiac's ambitious, forward-thinking sign. 

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Tauruses are the finest chefs and have sophisticated taste. You're hard to impress.

Taurus: Pasta

Gemini: Pizza

Fun-loving Geminis are versatile. You enjoy tasting new cuisine and meeting new acquaintances, and your bright attitude attracts others. 

Cancers are emotional, thus it's hard to change your preferences. When you enjoy something, you do it everyday. 

Cancer: Salad

Leo: Ramen

Leos take chances to stand out. You value your distinct viewpoint and won't let others dim it. Instead, you hang out with other risk-takers.

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Virgo: Sandwiches

Practical Virgos endure. You simplify your life because you realize it takes time and effort to get things done.

Libra: Fries

Libras are social, therefore you prefer to explore new restaurants for lunch with pals.

Fried Chicken

Scorpio, you're multifaceted and emotional despite your enigmatic exterior.

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Aquarius: Brunch

Aquarians enjoy change. Even if your ideas are unpopular, you express them. You rebelliously stretch lunch's boundaries.

Pisces: Sushi

Pisces are open-minded and easygoing, so you'll try everything. You know being open to new experiences may lead to life's best moments.

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