Panda House Park Eid Al Fitr hours

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The Ministry of Municipality published Panda House Park visitation hours for Eid Al Fitr.

"We are pleased to invite you to visit giant panda pair Suhail and Thuraya," read the announcement:

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The ticket is valid only on the day booked. Non-refundable and non-reusable.

China gave Qatar Suhail and Thuraya on October 19, 2022, ahead of the FIFA World Cup to boost relations. 

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Suhail and Thuraya, known as 'Jing Jing' and 'Si Hai' in Chinese, are the first giant pandas in the Middle East.

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Panda House Park has a 37-square-metre plant mural, gallery, and lecture space for over 700 people.

Visitors may use gift stores, cafes, veterinary clinics, and prayer rooms.

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